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Live on Crystal Lake and are interested in a restoration project of your own? Please contact us for more information...


  • Working with residents to raise awareness about the watershed concept.
  • Helping to highlight natural and manmade environmental issues that impact water quality.
  • Acting as a resource for fertilization best management practices and assisting with fertilizer reduction solutions.


  • Teaming with local citizens to increase the amount of water quality improving habitat, such as oyster reefs, in the area.
  • Partnering with the City of Virginia Beach to work on storm water and other issues that influence our water quality.
  • Creating and monitoring native species sanctuaries to improve environmental restoration effectiveness.

The Crystal Club is a grass roots watershed group working to improve water quality in Virginia Beach’s Crystal Lake and other surrounding waterways.

We are fortunate to live in this unique and historical region, where land and water are so intertwined. Both local Indians and the first settlers recognized, valued and praised the sheltering waterways and the sheer abundance of wildlife. Over four hundred years later, we still enjoy the benefits of living near the water.

But, over time and due to a variety of reasons, water quality in our waterways has deteriorated. It is our organization’s aim, to join with fellow concerned citizens, and work to improve the water quality in these historical waterways, for today, and for future generations.       

We believe most effective way to do this is through a combination of community education and environmental restoration.

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Learn more about some of the broader environmental issues that impacts our region’s water quality...

Finally, if what you have seen has you interested enought to join the cause (we hope so!), please consider becoming a member of The Crystal Club and/or making a donation so we may continue on with this important mission.